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​Costa Verde Estates


The top-knotch infrastructure includes well-maintained roads, state of the art water systems, and electrical systems that supply the entire community. Costa Verde Estates has also constructed a two lane concrete road for a large portion of the access to the CVE community. The developers also included kilometers of poured concrete gutters and ample drainage systems to ensure that the existing access roads will endure. All building sites consist of one or more building pads, water hook up and electricity; all of which has been  completed. 


Vista Pacifica Park : This includes a covered eating and ample green area and BBQ space all with a breathtaking whitewater ocean view. At present, you can participate in Pilates, Yoga and aerobics classes. 

Beautification: One of the elements that makes Costa Verde Estates superior to most other developments, is that we have a permanent maintenance crew to continue maintaining  the beautiful foliage over the years. All of the roads are beautified with native and ornamental and flowering plants. Our landscaping has created a lush tropical ambiance throughout the Costa Verde Estates community 

Reforestation: Over 30 years ago, most of the southern zone was deforested to enable cattle ranching. To reverse this trend, CVE has reforested large areas of previous cattle pasture with approximately 15,000 native species of trees, some of which are now 40 feet tall and many of which are endangered species. Our goal is to return Costa Verde Estates back to its natural state to beautiful tropical forest. We are more than half way there. This reforestation plan is bringing back the wildlife like monkeys, ground mammals, birds , etc at a very rapid rate. 

Tennis court: We are very proud of our CVE tennis court which offers a one of a kind setting in which to play tennis with a back drop of 11,000 ft mountains, waterfall surrounded by rainforest.Due to the combination of our altitude and a constant ocean breeze, tennis can be played all day long.

Weight Room: After tennis, if you still have the energy, you can use our weight room which is equipped with a multi-station nautilus machine, recumbent bicycle, elliptical as well as free weights, yoga balls and mats. Feel free to shower after your tennis match or workout in our spacious shower in the weight room. 

Community Garden: The developers have provided a centrally located area which will have a greenhouse and plenty of room for gardening, for all of the CVE community to use and share, supporting organic principles. 


We have build a helipad that offers an additional access as well as the opportunity for a quick emergency transportation to the local hospital or hospitals in the city.