The prices range from $150,000 to $199,000.

​Ocean View Lots

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​Ocean View Lots

Our inventory of lots offers a wide variety of site sizes, with diverse sizes and views. Our goal is a low-density, high-quality community. To that end, our sites cannot be further subdivided. Each lot is designed to support at least one house and one guest house. This approach has created an exclusive and private residential community where nature is respected and appreciated. We encourage the residents of Costa Verde Estates to beautify their estates and keep them lush and tropical. The idea is to live within nature so we can all enjoy the flora and fauna, with comfortable amenities, security and peace of mind. 

Costa Verde Estates offers owner financing. Usually we request 40 percent for a down payment. Our interest rates vary from four to six percent annually, depending on the length of the contract. 

Valley View Lots

The prices range from $175,000  to  $450,000.

​Costa Verde Estates

Our generous estate-sized home sites were created to enhance privacy, with each lot surrounded by a large forested area and ample reforestation buffering each site. Of the 1,250 acres in Costa Verde Estates, only about eight percent of the total area has been allocated to building sites, roads and infrastructure. The rest of the development is left to nature. Costa Verde Estates is committed to donating all green areas, reforested areas and reserve areas -- approximately 500 acres -- for conservation in perpetuity. These natural reserve areas are managed and maintained by the Costa Verde Estates Homeowners Association.

Costa Verde Estates provides each residential lot with water hook-up, electrical service, building pad and driveway.  Whether you choose a lot with an ocean view or a valley-and-waterfall- view, each is surrounded by lush vegetation. We strive to maximize natural beauty and privacy in our community design.